vacuum machine

vacuum machine

Vacuum preservation of food slows down the oxidation time and prevents food from smelling

7mm wide body sealing: better sealing effect and effective leak proof

Sealable length: 31cm

Double pump operation: double rotor 6 cylinders, vacuum about 8 L / min, suction, to achieve rapid vacuum

Luminous touch button (waterproof): click silent pumping (4L / min); Double click quick pumping (8 L / min)

Slide rail cutter with scale for easy cutting and precise size definition

Quick disassembly can flush the base to prevent bacteria from growing

External air extraction nozzle, equipped with external extraction pipe, one machine for multiple purposes

Power: 145W

Power supply voltage: 100-240V / 50-60Hz

Heating wire voltage: dc14v

Heating wire width: 7mm

Material: ABS

Vacuum degree: Dry - 60kpa; Wettability - 35kpa

Vacuum speed: single pump 4 L / min; Double pump 8L / min

Temperature control mode: low temperature / standard / high temperature

Function mode: pure sealing / manual vacuum / automatic dry pumping / automatic wet pumping (2x)


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