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What should I pay attention to when choosing an electric kettle?

What should I pay attention to when choosing an electric kettle?

  China Quality News Network News The electric kettle has a wide variety of products and has a large market circulation. When purchasing such products, consumers should understand the structure and working principle of such products and choose according to their needs. Try to go to large shopping malls to buy well-known brand products, carefully check whether the content of the product inspection certificate is complete, whether there is a "3C" certification mark, and promptly ask for the relevant purchase vouchers.

  At the same time, take the initiative to learn about the safety devices of the electric kettle from the on-site sales staff, such as whether there are safety protection measures such as grounding protection, anti-drying, anti-over-temperature, anti-over-pressure devices. For product installation and maintenance, consumers should strictly follow the corresponding technical specifications of the product.

   When choosing an electric kettle, pay attention to the following points:

   Check the product's logo and description. The standard stipulates that the identification of the product should be complete, including: trademark, company name, address, specification, model, capacity, voltage parameter, power parameter, symbol of the nature of the power supply, etc.; there should be warnings to prevent misuse, and detailed cleaning methods should be provided Wait.

  Purchase an electric kettle with corresponding capacity and function according to actual usage. For example, a family of 2-3 people can choose a single-layer or multi-layer electric kettle of 1.2L, 1000W or so. If the population is large and the amount of boiled water is large, it is best to use a fully automatic electric kettle.

   Check the appearance. Plastic parts are thicker and have a smoother, shiny and beautiful appearance. The thickness of the material is felt when the metal parts are struck. When purchasing, pay special attention to its sealing condition and test for water leakage and electricity leakage. When you can see the heating element, pay attention to the interface between the heating element and the kettle body. It should be installed firmly and sealed reliably. You can gently move the heating element with your hand to check whether the assembly is firm and there should be no looseness. Check whether the matching plug is matched with the socket, and whether the power connection and external flexible cord have certification marks.

   Choose products with reasonable prices. Products with different brands, different capacities, and different powers should be purchased within a relatively reasonable price range according to market conditions. Too low prices will inevitably use non-compliant materials to reduce product costs and discard product quality and safety.

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