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Household Automatic Food Vacuum Sealer Releasing

Household Automatic Food Vacuum Sealer Releasing

At present, more and more families have a small household food sealer. It can be used to package food and store at room temperature for a longer time, while it doesn't bring the problems of taste, dehydration or deterioration when store in refrigerator.

Unique Designs: 

Double vacuum pump designed, controllable single pump vacuum (silent pumping) or double pump vacuum (strong pumping). With graduated sliding rail cutter, easy to cut slack bag length according to demand. Illuminated font touch button design. Built-in external pumping function design. 135W high power design. NOTE:Please choose bags with deep lines. Dry pumping, please select medium temperature; Wet pumping, please select high temperature!

External Pumping Function:

Vacuum sealer machine come with a pump hose for external vacuum suction. Supports vacuum cans, bottles or containers with specific vents at the top.Double negative pressure design: dry -60KPA, wet -35KPA.Seal in 10-20 seconds.Available in 15 high quality BPA-free vacuum bags for your convenience. This vacuum sealer will lock your food up to five times longer and save you money. Bring you fresher food, healthier life.

Dry and Wet Sealing Mode, 3 Sealing Temperatures:

Low noise food economizer cleverly designed, two sealing modes are available. Drying mode for solid foods such as biscuits, nuts, sweets, etc.Another, Wet type is suitable for meat, seafood and other stew or steamed food. Low temperature, standard, high temperature, 3 kinds of sealing temperature adjustable, avoid sealing high or low temperature.

7mm wide body heating wire, one-key vacuum sealing: 

wider and tighter sealing than conventional 3mm heating wire bag mouth. 12.8inch sealing wire can seal 3-5 bags simultaneously. Brushed metal panel. Vacuum dry or wet food, just touch the corresponding button, can achieve one-key vacuum sealing, no need to select another button

The Use of Safe & Easy to Clean: 

DC14V heating wire power supply, avoid like AC heating wire, in use, when the liquid invasion caused by leakage risk, safer to use.Detachable washing base design, avoid liquid intrusion into the machine during use, causing circuit board damage, and easy to clean after use.

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